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MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge

MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge

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The following is about MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge related , I hope to help you better understand MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge.

MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridgeis a 100% brand new toner cartridge and ready for use with supreme quality which is compatible to the original. This toner delivers high quality in the impressions and reliability for you who need agility in carrying out your work.XM35 Xerox Copier Toner Cartridge produced by HYB will deliver a great satisfaction of quality to the customers.

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The following is about MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge related , I hope to help you better understand MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge.

  • Stable and high performance as well as image quality
  • Exceed the prints volume than other compatibles
  • comparable OEM cartridge
  • Totally new built cartridge (only new parts are used).
  • AAA Quality toner imported from Japan
  • Customized labelling on request.
  • Strong technical service ( more than hundres of copier machine in the laboratory for problem shooting)
  • Packed in single carton or in bulk-pack carton.
  • Extremely cost saving compared with OEM and competitive with other compatible toner
  • Shipped from manufacturer
  • Tailor made production for high volume order
  • Machines and spare parts friendly

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The following is about MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge related , I hope to help you better understand MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge.


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HK HAOYINBAO GROUP CO., LTD. is located at China Zhuhai, Our factory has more experience in production MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge,and we can provide multiple types related products, such as Copier Toner Cartridge,copier ink,computer inks,copy toner,Copier Toner Cartridge,etc. If you want to know more details about these, welcome to contact us!

HYB TONER ® represents High Yield & Beneficial Toner for the users. All the products are manufactured by a group company HK HAOYINBAO GROUP CO., LTD and the group is composed of 4 companies. HYB operates in the global market of imaging supplies and spare parts for copiers, with manufacturing facilities in 2 cities, the brand HYB® and ZEUS Toner® is marketed in over 17 countries worldwide. The profession of this manufacturer is on photocopiers.



We have standardization process in production MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge, and ensuring our product’s quality.We have professional pre-sales team, they can answer your each questions, which are about copier ink,computer inks,copy toner,Copier Toner Cartridge,copier ink,etc.We have hard-working after-sales team, who are providing after-sales service and protection for our clients.

HYB is a manufacturer base group company composed of Injection/blow molding factories, cartridge design workshop, bulk toner production and complete copier cartridges factory from where more than 350 K pieces of copier toner cartridges are montly produced and shipped. It is not just a supplier you are buying from, but also a one-stop solution for copier toner, refills, parts together with strong technical background enabling you to get service whenever you need. See video of factory on site - Zhuhai Cartridges Factory  and Bulk Toner Factory. 


If you have some problems about MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge, or want to know more details about computer inks,copy toner,Copier Toner Cartridge,copier ink,computer inks,etc. welcome to contact us!

Q: How can we place an order to HYB?

A: Depends on the location and the size of your order, we will proceed our order accordingly. If the country you stay happened to be in where we have distributors, they will arrange immediate stock to you. If you are a importer who wants to buy directly from the factory, please contact our Sales  Manager who are with minimum 5- year experience in the industry are very familar with export process from the factory. You can click the link here to Contact us page. 

Q:There are so many suppliers we can find on line, why we suppose to choose HYB?

A: Yes. it is true that the Internet, Social Media marketing are helping you to get access with no barrier to information of suppliers. However, you have no idea these companies are really a factory base company with professional business background, productivity or not.

Q: How HYB manage to control quality of the products. 

A: HYB is a factory with specialty on copier imaging supplies since 20 years and our laboratory and testing standard are now the references for most of the other companies in business. See testing process of HYB. From the raw material, HYB selected most reputable manufacturers of conventional toner, chemical toner and seriously test their each individual formular to find the best performance to the extent that we can assure the best toner has been selected into the machines case by case. We have been working with leading manufacturers such as Sakata, Murata, Mitsubishi who are also very experienced in imaging supplies of photo copiers and the long-term partnership has established a uncomparable platform to reach high quality. 

Q:Can you say who is currently using your toner?

A: Regarding the toner, we are selling to more than 500 importers in 86 countries. I can show you some examples and they are our distributors in different area. 

Q: What will be the advantages to be your distributor?

A: Good question and you will have lots of reason to make such cooperation. Firstly, HYB is a manufacturer of complete range of compatible Copier Toner Kit and bulk toner. This is making you a complete solution to your customers for most of the copier products they are looking for. Secondly, We will give a package of marketing material, technical datasheet to our distributors so that they can know exactly what are the differences and advantages of HYB, ZEUS products compared with other brands. This kind of information will also penetrate into the minds of your Sales People to boost their sales actions.

Thirdly, we give a very good protection to our distributors upon agreement and you will never worry that you will develop the market to a company who will turn his back on you 1,2 years later. Last but not the least, currently our distributors in 17 different countries are getting a good margin with HYB, Zeus products and win their position when they compete with other brands. 

Q: Quality assurance?

A: The Products dispatched from HYB factory will be under 12-month quality warrantee. 


Looking forward to your inquiry for this MPC2500 Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge.

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