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HYB-U4RM Wins in the Open Quality Printing Contest

2020-07-14 17:59:58

Moscow, 13 July 2020. – Information Agency “Business-Inform” (Russia) has announced the winning toners of the international Open Quality Printing Contest (3rd Stage, Evaluation of Remanufactured OEM-Cartridges Printing Quality). The Winners of the 3rd Stage are toners from: IMEX (supplied by IMEX EU Trading SRL, Spain), MK Imaging (supplied by Delacamp AG, Germany), and HYB-U4RM supplied by Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumables Co., Ltd., China). 

The 3rd Stage of Open Quality Printing Contest, dedicated to the evaluation of remanufactured OEM cartridges printing quality, was organized and performed by the Information Agency “Business-Inform” (Russia) during February 17, 2020 – July 01, 2020.  Participation in the 3rd Stage was allowed for remanufactured (refilled) OEM first-pass HP CF283A cartridges. The evaluation of cartridge printing was performed according to the Russian Standardized LEM 2.01.19 method certified in Russia (registration # РОСС RU. 32155.04ЛЭМ0) and recommended by the Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers (AQCMS) for performing of comparative research on Russian territory.

The 3rd Stage of the Contest saw the participation of 64 remanufactured first-pass OEM HP CF283A cartridges, presented by the leading International and Russian companies. The cartridges were refilled with 17 types of toners. After testing of all cartridges provided for contest 4 toners were chosen whose use in remanufacturing produced the best results (criteria – de facto yield, the dynamics of optical density, the overall number of defects of various types, etc.). The Winners of the 3rd Stage were Japanese toners: IMEX (CMG-3 и CMG-L), MK Imaging (UT1917), (HYB-U4RM).

Zhuhai Haoyinbao Printing Сonsumables Co., Ltd. (HYB TONER) is one of the the companies that have provided them for the contest:

The organizers of the Contest note that the results of performed tests showed not only the positive sides of the remanufacturing industry and its best products samples, but possible flaws as well. More than half of the remanufactured (refilled) cartridges provided for testing failed to demonstrate the declared yield (printed less than 1200 pages compared with 1500 declared) and had issues with image reproduction (low optical density, nonuniformity of filling, etc.). In four of the remanufactured (refilled) cartridges toner with a considerable content of less than 5 micrometers has been found. Therefore the quality of remanufactured products is largely influenced by the default condition of the cartridges, the quality of components, the conditions of remanufacturing as well as the expertise of the remanufacturers.

The Information Agency “Business-Inform” congratulates the Winners of the 3rd Stage of Open Quality Printing Contest and hopes that the results of the Contest will be useful for the suppliers of consumables as well as for companies using office printing equipment and employees of enterprise remanufacturing centers.

The Winner (the Participant of the Contest Company)

Toner Type

Toner Manufacturer

Supplier-Company for Russia




Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging Corp. (Japan)

Delacamp AG

RMS Ltd.


IMEX (Japan)




IMEX (Japan)


Zhuhai Haoyinbao

Printing Consumables  Co., Ltd. (HYB TONER)


Daiken Сhemicals (Japan)

Zhuhai Haoyinbao

Printing Сonsumables  Co., Ltd.


As one of the few Quality-Oriented manufacturers in the After Market, HYB TONER again has stood out of the suppliers who are mainly approaching the market with price. HYB is one of the key supplier to distributor for their premium product category gaining 100% satisfaction by their consistent quality.

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