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How to identify toner cartridges for photo copiers of authenticity

2019-02-21 16:57:14

        How to identify toner cartridges for photo copiers of authenticity.For office users, counterfeit supplies is a major disaster area.Let a lot of users hate is a careless, they bought a fake supplies back.Not only waste money, affect the quality of printing, but also cause harm to the human body, pollution of the environment.

        Toner cartridges for photo copiers traditional methods to teach everybody quickly verify consumables, generally requires three steps, using the traditional method to identify the authenticity of the product, see how very not good.

        Use hand to touch the toner cartridges for photo copiers outer packing of the products.Generally speaking, HP genuine consumables use packaging materials, must be very thick, clear and accurate surface printing, compared with the general copy quality is much better.

        For ordinary consumers, if there is no genuine toner cartridges for photo copiers, distinguish authenticity should be a very difficult thing, but we carefully observe the edges of the print, counterfeit burr phenomenon is obvious, poor overall visual experience.


        Turn look also is original outfit consumable simple, direct discern a method.HP's security label USES three-dimensional design, we observe from different angles, the content of the label will appear corresponding changes.We prepared two cartridges, although the use of the same packaging, but obviously anti-counterfeit verification code is not the same.

        In counterfeit toner cartridges for photo copiers anti-counterfeit labels, we according to different point of view changes, compared with the original consumables anti-counterfeit labels, blunt its color and change recognition effect is also more general.But this is not enough to prove the identity of the counterfeit, the tag verification number, can be more clearly tested the true and false drum.

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