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Ink in the printer cartridge: Why is it CMYK

2019-08-12 16:17:41

Ink in the printer cartridge: Why is it CMYK?.Speaking of color printers, anyone who has bought it will find that its color configuration is not the RGB used on the TV, but a CMYK color system. Why? Today we will solve this problem.

RGBVSCMYK color system

The pixels of the camera and TV are all RGB. Then let us recall, what color is the night? Black and a little starlight, when the TV is off, the screen is also black. The three pixels of RGB are lit up, and when they are mixed together, it is white light. This is the primary color system, and the addition is used.

Printer's CMYK ink

But the printer is different. The paper we use for printing is white paper. If you want to get the color, because the white light already contains RGB, you can do subtraction, white subtracts RGB, and you get CMY, cyan, magenta and yellow. These colors are mixed together and are black.

But why is black ink separate? Because it is theoretically CMY three colors, but in fact we can not find the perfect color, so CMY three colors are often mixed with a cyan black, so you need a separate black ink to achieve black printing, especially Print the document.

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